Perimeter Alarms Roboguard
Who is watching your property whilst you sleep ?


What is the Roboguard System

The Roboguard system is an early warning, wireless, mobile system designed to notify one of intruders before they enter your home/office etc. It can also be used to monitor movement in areas such as your swimming pool, for example preventing small children from having access without your knowledge.


Although this system was originally designed to save lives, its versatility has made it instrumental in protecting not only people but possessions, livestock, vehicles etc. The possibilities are endless.


The system is a very “simple” one for the end user, but is in fact a complex electronic device, which has taken many years to perfect. (having been on the market for more than 15 years) Unlike other sensors, the Roboguard sensor has dual passive infra-red “eyes,” one approximately 30 cm above the other, which detect movement up to 20m within a radius of 110deg. The default setting (which can be changed) dictates that when both of these “eyes” are triggered within ½ second of each other a signal is sent to a receiver. The receiver can be either a mobile HQ, (black box shown above with aerial) or a keypad (white box shown above) which is a fixed unit. On the standard Robogurad to HQ system, when a Roboguard is triggered, it will beep on the mobile HQ, also indicating by the number of beeps which Roboguard sensor has been triggered. (so that you know where the intruder is)   


 WHAT is a Roboguard Sensor?

The Roboguard Sensor is the batten shaped sensor which comprises of two passive infra-red sensor “eyes.” Each eye is covered with a lens, which effectively breaks into 11 segments. (beams) There is one sensor at the top and one at the bottom approximately 30 cm apart, which detect movement, due to significant temperature change, up to 20 meters away within a radius of 110deg. The infra-red passive “eyes” need to be broken top and bottom, within a ½ second, to activate the sensor. (and send a signal) Due to the distance between the passive eyes your false alarm ratio is brought to a minimum. (please note that although “false” alarms are referred to,  something must have triggered the sensor and once the cause has been established to be not an intruder, it can be circumvented by a number of different methods and settings on the Roboguard sensor)


As a self checking mechanism (which few other beams, if any, have) each Roboguard sensor communicates silently with the receiver (be it a mobile HQ or keypad) every 20 minutes, which verifies that the sensor is operational and that the signal strength is good and the batteries are in working order. The Roboguard sensor has a “mid section” which holds the 8 c size alkaline batteries which last for a minimum of 3 years. (but often as long as 5 years) Behind the battery cover you will also find the tamper switch which is used for programming your Roboguard sensors (into the HQ or keypad) and for alerting the receiver when the cover has been removed. (ie – tampered with) In the bottom passive housing there is an on board computer which can be used for different settings. In both the top and bottom passive housing there is an on board computer with dip switches used to change the distance required from 5 to10 or 20 meters. There is also a screw setting, which is used to change the height/angle of the passive eyes. (very seldom required, but nevertheless is possible)